Inside Steeple.Center

These are some of the modules available now and more on the way!

Administrative Modules

You can provide access to these modules to as many people as you like.

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Event Manager

Ensure all of your members know what's happening with at your ministry with Event Manager. Users can easily see all the information needed to attend the event.

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Expense Manager

Ensure no expense goes unaccounted for with Expense Manager. It allows you to track expenses along with dates, payment types, and notes associated with the expense and more. You will soon have the ability to upload a picture of receipts as well!

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Giving Live

Are the deacons at the table counting the cash and checks but have no idea what's being given online? If you're using our giving portal, Giving Live allows you to see online giving in real-time so you know exactly when you reach your goal.

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Giving Manager

Giving provides stats on Sunday totals, monthly totals, and giving for the year. Adding giving data is quick and easy. Data can be sorted and filtered by giving type (tithes, offering, first fruits), methods (cash, check, online), etc.

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Member Manager

Keep track of all of the members. Sort them by their profile pictures, name, or their contact information. Members are also linked to their giving. Know who's accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, who's been baptized, when their birthdays are, etc.

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Stay in contact with members and visitors with Messenger. Allows you to send email messages to large groups with just one click! SMS messages coming soon!

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Visitor Manager

Make visitors feel warm and fuzzy with Visitor Manager. Each entry in Visitor Manager sends the visitor an email thanking them for coming and encouraging them to come again. You will soon be able to customize the message and brand it with your logo.

Member Modules

These are some of the modules that all members have access to.

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Away Time

Going on vacation or out of town and will miss your opportunity to serve the Lord in church? No worries! Away time enables you to easily alert your pastors when you will not be in service.

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Your Giving

Want to see what your giving has been like for the year or compare it to what you gave last year? Need a giving statement for your taxes? Each member can easily download their giving statement and see their giving at any time.

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Your Profile

Each member can fill out their profile, take or provide a profile picture, decide if they want to be included in the church directory or have their birthday listed on the birthday calendar.

Coming Soon!

Custom Giving Page

Don't have a website and need to create one? Do you already have a website but not online giving? This is a super easy way for members and visitors to give online that integrates seamlessly with Steeple.Center. All of the giving is recorded automatically. No app to download or special account needed. It can also be included in any website. Low fees.

Groups & Ministries

Easily create groups for your various ministries, create group leaders and restrict certain groups to men, women, teens, etc.

Steeple.Center App

The app will allow members and visitors to have a greater level of interaction with the church. Users can give, receive push-notifications like event notifications, alerts and direct contact, etc.

And Much More!

We are always working to improve Steeple.Center and make it more valuable for our users! All upgrades and additions will always be at no extra cost!